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Ministry of Social Affairs and Health



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Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Decree concerning the fire safety requirements imposed on cigarettes (x/x/200.. )


(Commission Decision of 25 March 2008 on the fire safety requirements to be met by European standards for cigarettes pursuant to Directive 2001/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council)


In accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health it is hereby enacted based on the Act on Measures to Reduce Tobacco Smoking issued on 13 August 1976 (693/1976):



                                                                 1st Chapter     General provisions


                                                                 1 §


A cigarette possessing the property of restricted ignition must be such in terms of its structure, composition and properties that it will be self-extinguished before it has burned along its entire length, unless it is actively smoked.




                                                                 2nd Chapter. Testing


                                                                 2 §


The restricted ignition property of cigarettes shall be tested and demonstrated as per ASTM E2187-04 (“Standard test method for measuring the ignition strength of cigarettes”) or AS 4830-2007 (Determination of the extinction propensity of cigarettes) or any other equivalent European or international standard.


                                                                 3 §


In the test, no more than 25% of the cigarette brand batch tested at any one time may burn to the end along the entire length of the cigarette when the test base is composed of 10 layers of filter paper compliant with the standards ASTM E2187-04 or AS 4830-2007.



                                                                 3rd Chapter. Coming into effect


                                                                 4 §


This Decree shall come into effect on xx of xx, 2009.


Actions required for its execution may be taken before this Decree comes into effect.